DISAM – Industry Standard B+ Tree File Handler. If your application and the data reside on the same machine, DISAM is for you. Multiple users would be accessing the application and in turn the data by running the application directly on the machine or connecting with remote desktop, telnet, ssh or equivalent.

DISAMNET – Client Server support for Industry Standard B+ Tree File Handler.  If you are looking for transparent, flexible, fast, efficient and scalable network support, you may wish to consider our new DISAMNET, currently in beta testing.  Usage is as simple as setting the address of your primary (or default) server in an environment variable, and/or adding DISAM://my.server.address/ to any file name.

DISAM Version 7.2 is the currently shipping version. DISAM Version 7.2 includes the Client Server functionality of DISAMNET on request. A free server binary is available for some platforms.

Earlier DISAM96 and DISAM7, including the original DISAM-CS, continue to be fully  supported, although we suggest that you consider an upgrade, and we make every effort ensure that older features are fully supported in the new version, for compatibility.

ISAM – there’s a reason it’s still a legacy!!
Handle your legacy and also your new data with D-ISAM and meet today’s as well as tomorrow’s data requirements with reliability and efficiency.

32 bit and 64 bit platforms:
D-ISAM is available for most operating systems and CPU combinations. 

ISAM is an abbreviation for Indexed Sequential Access Method, a method for managing how a computer accesses records and files stored on a hard disk. While physically storing data randomly, ISAM provides access to specific records through an index. This combination results in quick data access regardless of whether records are being accessed sequentially or randomly. ISAM file structures are simple and are accessed via direct calls to routines to read, write or modify a specific record; in addition the apparent order of records can be easily set through choosing an appropriate index. The ISAM system allows maintaining a set of indexes each of which provides the developer with more efficient access to groups of records by ordering them by an index key. Each access to the database file is very quick.

Database access doesn’t get any faster than ISAM.

Legacy Data
DISAM follows the X/Open Isam standard. Your previous proprietary data files can now be accessed from many different UNIX fourth-generation report writers, query languages and databases.  DISAM removes the limitations of using only Unix Tools, it allows you to access your data files with Unix and also Microsoft Windows.  You will be able to access your data files through Windows productivity tools, database applications and development environments.

By using a file format package based on the industry standard DISAM structure you can gain the benefits of increased performance, data integrity and compatibility with other products that are based on the DISAM file system.

You’ve come to the right place…

  • If you are currently using C-ISAM by Informix/IBM and want to migrate your application to a Microsoft platform or some other platform not supported by C-ISAM.
  • If you want to use 64bit file offsets to overcome the 2gb file size limit.
  • If you want thread-safe support for your multi-threaded application.
  • If you’re looking for a robust file handler without the overhead of SQL databases.
  • If you want timely and responsive support when it counts the most… direct from the isam specialists.
  • If you want a multi-platform file handler that keeps pace with technology, today and tomorrow.
  • DISAM takes advantage of 64bit internals to allow all current size limitations to be exceeded.

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